Protective Cell Phone Technology

United Analytics has developed a proprietary technique that minimizes the creation of magnetically induced currents within the head.

The verification of this has been through Electromagnetic Simulation as well as through empirical testing.  Future plans include verification through a medical study utilizing Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans.

This technology can be incorporated in existing cell phone case designs either OEM or after market.

More information will be released as it becomes available.  Please contact us with any questions or comments.

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United Analytics Corporation

Ultra Wideband Body Worn Antenna:

United Analytics' subsidiary, Combat Field Systems has created an antenna with unique characteristics.  This antenna works with the Operator's body to increase radiation efficiency when the antenna is in close proximity to the Operator's body.

The antenna is Molle(TM) compatible and can be worn in close proximity to hydration packs and fully populated field pack while still maintaining superior performance to a conventional whip antenna in the same configuration.

Now operators can put the mission first and not have to worry about whether or not their radio's antenna may break or catch on objects within close proximity.

Antenna Article:

​ONLY 17.8 CM x 20.3 CM x 0.8 CM (LxWxT)

Real Time Enthalpy Detection

Why we are addressing this application:
Currently, to our knowledge,  there are no non-invasive detection systems that are capable pf detecting chemical processes in both the time and frequency domain in real time.  We are licensed to address these areas:

Some of the capabilities include:

  • Detection of Synaptic Processes
  • Detecting faults in composit structures
    • ​Tires
    • Helicopter Rotor Blades
    •  Metal Fatigue
    • Rust Under paint
    • Differentiating Compounds

Product Packaging Strategies:
There are two models envisioned.  A portable hand held device as well as a stationary  device.
The hand held device is meant for portable operation in thelaboratory, shop or in the field.   
The stationary device can be configured on the fly to the proper parameters required for the application in question.

​Please contact us for further details